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After leaving the military in 2005, I decided that the regular 9 -5 just wasn't for me. For the next few years I worked in various industries, but nothing took root in my soul. I found myself clamoring for a deeper fulfillment, and little did I know, my moment of truth was just around the corner. 

In Summer of 2009, I decided to throw myself a party. This wasn’t just any party, but an all-white party where it was mandatory the décor and attendees be swathed in all white. My vision was for everyone to enjoy themselves inside a pristine, royal ambiance that paid homage to the greatness of everyone in attendance (and to look exceptional while doing it). The party was such a success that after the party, one by one, the attendees reached out to me and inquired about me throwing them an event similar to mine. An epiphany quickly sparked in that moment, and in no time, I began decorating events for others. Initially, throwing these parties stoked my entrepreneurial fire, and that sufficed for a time. However, once I booked a wedding and it was a mega success, I was convinced that event planning and design was my passion. Fast forward, and here I am decorating and cooking up meals with passion, inciting joy and satisfaction through my craft. 

After I mastered the art of wedding planning, I expanded my services and began cooking at my events, which turned into full-fledged catering. After about 6 months of doing huge catering gigs for AMAZON, I knew this had to be a part of my business too, and although I learned to cater events for huge clients like Amazon, my biggest strength is making sure each client - from the biggest to the smallest- know they are special to me. 

When booking me to cater your event, I offer you an experience that I coin, “the best friend experience.” Since my business model is to tailor each event to the client, it is imperative that I get to know each client as if they’re my best friend. We talk about everything - and I mean everything! While I thoroughly enjoy each conversation with my clients, these talks also allow me to custom fit each event to their taste. The best part about it is, they are unaware they are providing me the blueprint to their amazing catering experience. Rather, it is like new friends becoming acquainted. Indeed, after the events are over, clients often find themselves missing our daily talks and reveal that it feels like they have lost a friend. That is the biggest compliment and worth more than any money. No matter how large my business grows, I never want to lose that experience! I also never want to disconnect from my roots either. So as a veteran owned business, I’m always looking for opportunities to serve my fellow veterans and make us proud. 

I invite you to join me on my journey by allowing me to cook or decorate for your event. Book me and all you need to do is show up and enjoy!  

In the meantime, let’s stay connected by following me on social media @brandonmarcello81

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